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Carl Burleson

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Deputy Assistant Administrator of Policy, International Affairs, and Environment

Carl Burleson serves as the FAA's Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs and Environment (APL). This office leads the agency's efforts to increase the safety and capacity of the global aerospace system in an environmentally sound manner. This includes leading FAA's strategic policy and planning efforts, coordinating the agency's reauthorization before Congress, and being responsible for national and international aviation policies and strategies in the environment and energy arenas, including aviation activity forecasts, economic analyses, aircraft noise and emissions research and policy, environmental policy and aviation insurance.

He has held a variety of positions at the FAA, including Director of the Office of Environment and Energy, the FAA Administrator's Chief of Staff and the FAA's Senior Representative for Northern Europe.  Mr. Burleson was a finalist in the Public Service to America Awards in 2010 for his efforts in dealing with aviation environmental challenges.