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Steve Fulton

Sandel Avionics
VP Sales and Marketing
Steve is part of the senior leadership at Sandel developing an entirely new NextGen avionics platform targeted for retrofit in working turboprops and jets.  Previously, Steve was a Technical Fellow for GE Aviation Systems and co-founder of Naverus, Inc, a company dedicated to the successful operational deployment of performance-based navigation. Prior to founding Naverus, Steve provided the leadership at Alaska Airlines for the creation of an operational RNP capability that provides significant safety and economic benefits and has served as a model for all subsequent U.S. and international deployments of RNP. This leadership was recognized in 1998 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Aircraft Operations Award, an Aviation Week Laureate Award in 2006 and a Pathfinder Award from the Seattle Museum of Flight in 2011.